iOS 14: Everything You Need to Know About It

iOS 14: Undoubtedly smoothness and security protocols of iOS are the two features why people love using Apple devices. In every release, Apple unboxes some new add-ons and fans go gaga for that though iOS 13 was not a big release if we overlook some security features like app location permission after the huge blow of private image leaks and home security kits which were added.

iOS 14 which is in the pipeline is the hope for the best that we will get a refined one where the OS will get rid of the shortcomings. Let’s have a sneak peek around the Apple’s incubation period to find out the latest features that may come into the iOS 14.

iOS 14
iOS 14 : All That We Know So Far

iOS Development Propagation- Shifting from 13 to 14

Any standard development drives with the improvements that are not in the existing version. A new development closes the loops of flaws of the existing while getting some new trendy technologies onboard to adapt its users with the ever changing technological arena. Being a premier product development organization Apple has been doing it for long and updating its existing famous OS.

iOS is one of the those developments that empowers its products to adapt with the continuously changing users’ demand and new technologies. So, we can expect some bigger changes in iOS 14 features as we have not experienced any major one in the existing iOS 13 when it’s being throttled through OTA update.

iOS 14 Features (All the Probable Ones)

Well, features of any OS that drive users and developers towards it, gradually as many app developers’ start publishing their apps onboard and users find it smooth and flawless along with tightened security protocol that can keep their personal Medias safe. iOS is not an exception though it already has a huge user base and this is another point that pushes its developers to extract more out of it. iOS 14 is expected to come up with some most anticipated features this time.

Smart Siri- An AI that actually correlates the users’ demands

Siri on iOS 14 will be the smartest assistant ever. It will track every activity of users and will suggest the best apps and Medias for you. We are expecting more optimized AI functions throughout the system. As per our prediction, it will make map, calendar and mail functions smoother and optimized.

# No disturb mode: Siri is expected to put a new ‘no disturb’ feature on this iOS 14. It will put the device on silent mode while you are driving. Even when you are entering to watch a movie, it will make the device silent according to the time of the movie. Siri makes the whole thing evenly optimized by extracting the time from the ticket booking app!

Will it fume up the privacy issue once more? This may raise a privacy concern though we are not that concerned about that until all the things are carried out by Siri itself. Users will raise question over the security of handling the AI tasks by Siri if this feature doesn’t have all the security points intact.

Will Siri be the sibling of Alexa?

Everyone is talking about an option for personalization of the device by Siri but there’s no confirmed update on that till now. It’s looking like that Siri will work like Alexa does for Amazon devices! (As the predictions made by the experts suggested).

Improved home button functions

Well, home button is used to unlock the device by recognizing the finger print. Now the functions of it have been spread out for more. Just by touching it we can now enlarge an image and document, can click images spontaneously, and can pay anyone through bank’s app by providing permission through finger print. As of now we got input of these things and are expecting it to have more functions and it will more of a functional button than less of a design concept.

Finding emojis is awesome

Night now on iOS 13, getting emojis on chatting screen is equal to a nightmare, it needs typing the thing correctly to see how many related emojis are there, getting the emojis list on board is also so hectic that maximum users don’t use that. But on iOS 14, the emojis section will be taken on front to release the actual emotions of the users through tapping on the screens. No doubt that it will make the conversations alive and interesting!

Optimized Battery Charging

On iOS 13, Apple tried a lot to getting rid of the fame of poor battery backup and without any doubt, it did a great job there but there were ample rooms for further development and on iOS 14 the rooms will be used to develop to strengthen battery charging, capacity and backup. Charging mode is going to be one of the surprises where you can select the charging mode like closing the background apps that are running, put the power hungry features like Wi-Fi, location services and some other apps off.

In order to retain the maximum power, it will make the intense power hungry app or apps that are running on background through an over the lap notification!

At last through OS upgrade, iOS 14 will enable you to retain more charge while on standby mode!

Search with your voice, Siri Takes the Charge

True contextual conversion of our speech is still a mess, with the upgrade of Siri we are expecting this option to be integrated while real time operation can be a boon! What you speak through your microphone that will be portrayed on the screen accurately, users can search the device for any media, mail, events etc.

Dual SIM support for iMessage and Facetime

 Do you want to keep two different iMessage and Facetime ID with two different SIMs available on your device? There’s no absolute need to jailbreak the device at all. iOS 14 is going to push a smart option that will enable users to shuffle between two IDs just with a tap! That’s true; you don’t need to have two apps thorough app cloner. Isn’t it cool?

Device cleaner app

Till now, iPhone or iPads don’t have any cleaner app that comes by default from the company. We had to use some third party apps for that, but now there’s a chance that Apple will integrate its official cleaner app for ease of RAM and ROM cleaning and providing information related to junk files and unused apps and identical media files. It has been a request from all the apple device users from a long time and now it seems that the company has listened to that and is taking actions accordingly to satisfy users’ need.

iOS 14 Beta Release & Download 

iOS releases its beta version in every WWDC. Beta version is meant to be a window for developers around the world who are the main promoters of the apps in the Apple’s app store. Through the beta release it mainly provides beta version to the developers so that they can have a look at that and cross check their apps whether those need any upgrade or not in order to be complied with the new security protocols and the changes in the iOS. And by two months they configure their apps for public use so that when iOS 14 goes for public release worldwide, users can easily upgrade their apps and can enjoy the latest one on the latest iOS.

Upon beta release, we will provide the access to test that at a very low cost and a new window for testing the beta version will be here as soon as the company grants access for testing purposes.

If you are a newbie fan then we request you to be refrained from trying the beta version as it is very buggy and the IPSW file that has to be downloaded is massive in size, moreover the installation process is also complicated enough. If you put it on a try and face any issue then it is assured that no help will be there as Apple doesn’t provide any support for beta testing. We will shortly provide an in depth guide how to install iOS 14 beta on iPhone and that may help you a lot.

Remember: If you complete testing the new beta version once and want to downgrade that, then you may face a big issue as downgrading process may expose you to the risk of losing data. So if the lost data is something sensitive then it’s your call whether you want to give iOS 14 a try or not, otherwise you may wait for the upcoming iOS 15 as well.

iOS 14 Compatibility List (Probable)

All the latest iOS doesn’t provide support for earlier devices and it has been happening for years. So it’s definitely confirmed that Apple will not provide upgrade to all the devices right from the iPhone 6!

We are expecting the iPhone 7 series and the devices launched after that will be eligible for the upgrade to iOS 14 through the first batch of OTA upgrade while there’s a low, we better can say very low chance to get the iPhone 6 and its series on board for iOS 14 though there’s no confirmed update on it. That’s all we have for now regarding iOS 14 compatibility list.

iOS 14 Release Date

Apple has a definite pattern of releasing its devices and OS. In every year, it unveils its new devices and iOS in every September. Generally, in the second or third week of September it organizes its WWDC and releases a beta version of its new refined iOS and by the end of November it finally releases the global public version. iOS 14 will be released maintaining the same pattern that Apple has been following for years. Apart from the new iOS, it releases new OS for its wearable as well.

Wrap Up

Will you upgrade your device if it hails under iPhone 6 series or earlier? Everyone is looking at the release of iOS 14 because the earlier one failed to show the spark that’s a blow for sure. Compatibility of iOS 14 will be an issue for old iPhone of course as the company will slowly stop support for older version of iOS. Let us know your take on this new sensation that will come along with the new iPhone in the September 2019.