The Intriguing Facts You Need to About iOS 16

iOS 16 is abuzz in the Apple world. The brand new iOS 16 is releasing at the annual Apple summit. At this stage, many want to know about the intriguing features of this product. The latest version of Apple iOS 16 is releasing in the mid of September. The new software is only available from the iPhone 7 series.

The iOS 14 was a massive software update with a lot of new developments. Likewise, in iOS 16, there are intriguing developments that can surprise you. Let us take a look at the interesting facts you need to know about the iOS 16.

ios 16

The exclusive features in iOS 16

  • The smart Siri feature

Siri is getting smarter with the iOS 16 update. There is going to be more accuracy in answering the questions. Also, Apple is trying to eliminate the traits of google assistant in Siri. The smart-Siri is going to be more reliable and precise in this new update.

  • Enhanced Apple apps

The iOS 16 takes the Apple devices to a superior level. There are plenty of meaningful changes in the Apple maps. Also, Apple users can now enjoy the cycling directions and new bike paths. You can choose routes that do not have hills or any other terrains.

  • The interface customizations

The iOS 16 allows the users to change the default apps. The user can alter the safari and mail apps. There are plenty of substitutions you can make in this software update. All these alterations can make your iPhone interface more personalized.

  • The interactive widget features

The iOS 14 widget was the most expected feature. The changes did not meet the user’s expectation. However, the interactive widget is the top feature of the new iOS 16 updates. There are more additions to the widget. From toggles, volume change and all this can make the widget more interactive.

  • The restructured setting of iOS 16

It is possible to make plenty of changes to the setting menu. The iOS setting has always been the same for many years. However, the redesigning of the iOS 16 will bring a lot of new changes to the new Apple devices. The redesigning of the iOS 16 setting menu makes it more intuitive.

The iOS 16 the surprise release

  • Release date

Next year at the WWDC summit the Apple’s new iOS 16 will be launched. As only the beta is releasing this year, the app developers are making many innovations with this software. The iOS 16 will be launched alongside the brand new launch of the iPhone 13. Like the conventional way, all these Apple products will be released by mid-September.

  • The privacy policy

The privacy features of iOS 16 are enhanced with more features. The apple devices with iOS 16 software will redirect users to safe searches. It effectively protects the user from sites that misuse your data. With the other exclusive features, the privacy of this software is going to be top-notch.


The wait is over as Apple launches the brand new iOS 16 update this year. With this update, Apple users can experience great benefits in terms of features and experience.

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