iOS 14 Beta Download: Activate and Install for Free

The all new iOS 13 is here, but honestly speaking it doesn’t offer much. Apple has disappointed all of its users by introducing a not-so-optimized iOS version with their latest offering. It has received many criticism from many experts, and that’s why we are presuming that it will make a grand comeback next year with its upcoming operating system i.e. the iOS 14.

iOS 14 Beta
Download iOS 14 Beta (Easy Guide)

There was a time when innovation and Apple used to walk hand on hand, but currently seems like the company is missing its spark. But knowing Apple, we are damn sure that it is more than capable of surprising us with a very enhanced optimization in its upcoming iOS 14 update.

We think the iOS 14 beta is going to be the most crucial release for the California based company in recent years. If it doesn’t receive good amount of praise from its beta release from the developers and public, it will be a huge turn off factor for the company. We, the Apple community, are eagerly waiting for the upcoming iOS 14 beta to release so that we can download and activate it on our device to start exploring. Let’s know a more about iOS 14 beta and it’s importance.

What is iOS 14 Beta and Why it’s Worth Waiting For

As we all already know Apple has a habit of releasing several beta versions of its latest flagship OS every year before its official launch. Earlier the beta versions of the iOS were exclusive for the use of the developers only, but now the company allows even the general public to download and activate beta versions on their devices. So we can assume that even the iOS 14 beta will be released for both the developers and general users. Apple is very much keen on taking feedbacks from its large user base so that it can fix the bugs and make the iOS even more hot and happening at the time of official public launch. So it’s easily understandable why the iOS 14 beta release is important for the company and its future prospects.

iOS 14 Beta Release Date (When to Download Beta)

The rumors are already floating around iOS 14 beta that it would introduce “DO NOT DISTURB” mode with it along with several other Siri optimizations. If it’s true then the buzz around it will only grow exponentially from here. As per the general routine, Apple will be introducing the iOS 14 beta in WWDC 2020 event, which will be happening in June 2020. So, now you know the actual month when you will be able to download iOS 14 beta in your iDevice, you can come back later at this page to know about the exact date, as we will keep updating this page with all the latest information. First the iOS 14 Beta will be released for the developers, and after a week or so for the general users.

How to Download iOS 14 Beta and Activate it on Your Device

If you don’t want to wait for the public beta launch, and test the developer beta version as soon as it launches, then you can make use of the service of Apple Software program. This program allows any user (of the Apple products) to register on its official website to enjoy the latest flagship Apple OS prior to its official release. This feature is introduced by the company so that people can test the stability of the iOS, and provide feedback to the company. This allows the company to fix bugs and make the iOS a more stable one. As a user you can report the different kinds of bugs that you may face while exploring the new OS.

Here’s a step by step guide to download iOS 14 Beta and activate it with ease:

STEP 1: First you must take full backup of all the data on your phone to prevent any accidental loss of data. However, if you are rich enough to use a spare iPhone, you may not cosnsider to take a backup.

STEP 2: Next, the most important step, you will need to register and sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program only if you have not downloaded a beta version ever before. You can register from here. If you have used this service before then you can just log in by using your valid credentials.

STEP 3: After signing in with your Apple ID and password, you need to agree to the terms and conditions to get all set to download iOS 14 beta.

Wrap Up

As the iOS 13 is up and running, we can safely say that Apple is already working on its next iteration i.e. the iOS 14. As we are already discussing that it’s going to be a very crucial launch for the company. There are very few updates are available in the web regarding iOS 14 Beta, we will keep updating this page whenever new set of information will be available from trusted sources.

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