iOS 14 Compatibility: Complete List of All iOS 14 Supported Devices (Probable)

iOS 14 Compatibility: Like every year, in 2020 also, World’s largest mobile manufacturer Apple Inc. will be introducing its all new iOS 14 in its WWDC event in June 2020. At that event we will be able to know what new features and innovation are coming with the latest mobile operating system. In that same event the Apple executives will be showing us some of the previews as well.

This year’s hype is around the upcoming iOS 14. If the sources to be believed then Apple is building something really unique this time. Yes, the innovation of the company is i peak, and there are chances that this time the company will surprise the community be exceeding the expectation level. In this page we will mainly be focusing on whether your iDevice will be compatible with iOS 14 or not. So if you’re interested in iOS  14 Compatibility list, then this post is for you only.

Generally with all new latest iOS, the Cupertino-based tech conglomerate Apple brings a lot of new upgrades as well. Like all the Apple fanboys, we are also hoping that the iOS 14 won’t be any exception. Recently it launched the all new iOS 13, and that created quite a buzz as it ditched quite a few iPhones and iPads from receiving the latest update.

iOS 14 Compatibility
iOS 14 Compatible Devices

iOS 14 Compatible Devices: iPhone 6 Series A Big NO NO

Now the million dollar question is whether Apple will continue its trend of ditching previous year’s models from its upcoming OS, or something new will happen this time. We believe iOS 14 will be available only to those devices which are launched 2016 onward. It means the entire iPhone 6 series including iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus won’t be receiving the iOS 14 upgrade as per our believes. Let’s dig more into the iOS 14 compatibility thing.

Will iPhone SE Receive iOS 14?

But will iPhone SE receive iOS 14 update? Well, as per our analysis, the iPhone SE fits into a very complex category. The features and specs of this device is from iPhone 6 era only, but it was introduced after iPhone 6S. We think that this little baby won’t be receiving the all new iOS 14 upgrade, and like other previous year’s iPhone models this too will be stuck with iOS 13.4.1 forever.

iOS 14 Compatibility: List of All Compatible Devices

We think that iPhone 7 series and above will be compatible with the upcoming iOS 14. This is our assumption, but we are making a logical guess after analyzing the patterns of previous iOS releases. Here we are listing all the iPhone models that we think will support the iOS 14.

iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus

Another strange fact is that the previous iOS 13 is only compatible with just one iPod i.e. the latest version iPod Touch 7th gen. We strongly believe that the new iPod Touch 7th gen will also get the iOS 14 support as well.

iPod Touch 7th gen

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*Update: Apple is facing tough competition these days from Android and other mobile operating systems, so it won’t be beneficial for a company of such caliber to not offer something phenomenal. That’s why we are expecting iOS 14 launch to be the major breakthrough event of 2020. So it will be interesting to see the complete list of iOS 14 compatible devices list once it comes out from official sources.

Wrap Up

So friends, hopefully you have got quite a fair bit of idea which devices will be iOS 14 compatible and which devices won’t. So we would suggest that if you are not using the aforementioned devices that will support the upcoming iOS 14, then you must go to the nearby Apple Store (or online eCommerce marketplace) in order to buy the latest iPhone models to stay updated with the latest OS version.

You must understand that Apple is yet to announce anything officially with regards to iOS 14 compatibility, so all these things are only logical assumption from our side. Whenever, we will get any official updates, we will surely update this page.

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