iOS 14 vs iOS 15: What to Expect & What to Not?

iOS 14 was announced on 22nd of June and was available for download from 16th September,2020. The latest version as of now is 14.3 which was available for download from 14th December.

Talking about the iOS 15 update, the first and foremost thing is that there is no official announcement about it. There are just rumors of it flying over different websites. However, analyzing different factors and expectations, there is a list below comparing both the operating systems, based on bugs report.

ios 15 vs ios 14

iOS 14 came with a lot of bugs and so these loopholes needs to be fixed by iOS 15. Let us have a look at some of the bugs from iOS 14.

Wi-Fi Connection Error

Many users complained that they were losing the Wi-Fi signal after updating their phone to iOS 14. Some people said that the Wi-Fi signal drops especially when locking the screen or putting their phone into sleep mode. Let’s hope that the iOS 15 update don’t disappoint us here.

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Battery draining at a faster rate

Some users had faced the issue of battery draining at a faster rate after updating their phone to iOS 14. In spite of trying a several times to restart the phone, the problem wasn’t fixed. It might be due to an uncalled bloatware error which led to it. However, there are high expectations from iOS 15 update for a longer battery backup.

Editing of widgets

For some users, the iOS 14 update makes it difficult to add or edit widgets. It was so called that the newly downloaded apps were a barrier for adding the widgets while tapping the + icon. However, many techy users found different solutions for this error over different websites. But this needs to framed well for a common person while operating the widgets. Lets hope that Apple keeps the widget section error in mind.

YouTube picture-in-picture error

iPhone is well known for its picture-in-picture facility. In this, the user can play videos in a small rectangular video while browsing the net or operating other apps. However, in order to enjoy this service, the user needs to buy a premium YouTube account or subscribe to Google’s paid ad-free service. The same goes for 4K videos. The user wont be able to watch 4K videos unless he is a paid subscriber.

Apple should approach Google, at least for any one facility. This is expected by the present audience in the iOS 15 update. If one thinks logically, buying an expensive iPhone without any of the above YouTube facility, does hurt.


Frankly speaking, almost all phones have bugs. Some people get major bugs, some get minor bugs, and so on. Apple has always tried to fix the previous bugs with its new updates. However, an uncertain software or bloating defect leads the user to face the bug issue, instead of fixing it. Now that the iOS 15 is on its way soon, all the fingers are crossed for no bug error.

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